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Agenda at a glance

Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Introduction to the Futurist Summit
David Wood, Chair, London Futurists & Principal, Delta Wisdom

Education 2022 – MOOCs in full use, augmented by AIs doing marking and assessment-setting
Julia Begbie, Deputy Director of Studies, KLC School of Design

Healthcare 2022 – Digital healthcare systems finally fulfilling the promise that has long been expected of them
Avi Roy, Biomedical Scientist & Research Fellow at the Centre for Advancing Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), Oxford University

Finance 2022 – Anticipating a world without physical cash, and in many cases operating without centralised banks
Jeffrey Bower, Owner, Bower & Partners

Reinventing urban mobility for new business strategies…self-driving cars and beyond
Stephane Barbier , CEO, Transpolis

The Future of Smart Cities
Paul Copping, Smart City Advisor, Digital Greenwich, Royal Borough of Greenwich

The Future of Computer Security and ‘Cybercrime’ 
Craig Heath, Director, Franklin Heath

“What happens when virtual reality experiences become more engaging than those in the real world?”
Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot

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Key Speakers:

David Wood Julia Begbie
David Wood
Delta Wisdom
Julia Begbie
Deputy Director of Studies
KLC School of Design
Avi Roy Steve Dann
Avi Roy
Biomedical Scientist and Research Fellow
Oxford University
Steve Dann
Founder and CEO
Amplified Robot


Stephane Barbier Paul Copping
Stephane Barbier
Paul Copping
Smart City Adviser
Digital Greenwich
Craig Heath  
Craig Heath
Franklin Health

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