Conference Agenda (29th – 30th June)

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29th-30th June 2016, Olympia London


5G Networks, Where are we today?
Update of NTT DOCOMO activities toward 5G deployment in 2020 and beyond
HETNET 2020, What RAN developments will make 5G a reality
5G Moves Out of the Labs and into the Neighbourhood
PANEL DISCUSSION: Cellular networks evolving to facilitate 5G services
IoT Connect
LTE Service Evolution
The Role of the MNO in IoT Networks
Alternative IoT Tech SigFox, Bluetooth & LoRa
Cyber+ Network Security for the Government
IoT in Oil and Gas: BP’s Vision
Data Analytics for Smart Energy
Orange’s Smart Home Experience
Connected Devices & Supply Chain Management
Ocado’s ‘RCom’ Technology
Key challenges in rolling-out IoT networks and services
What will LTE Video and Voice look like in 2025?
LTE Services Deployment Case Study
LTE Broadcast, how far can this technology reach?
Self-Organizing Networks
Delivering LTE services, TDC Case Study
Evaluating the Challenges of VoLTE
The VoLTE and VoWi-Fi device landscape
Du’s 5G perspective
S3Track 3
Road to 5G
S4Track 4
HetNet 2020
End-to-End Network Slicing – threats and opportunities
Key technical and business considerations to build the bridge between LTE and 5G
LTE-Advanced: Innovative Network Design and Deployment for 2015-2016
IoT networks and 5G – why and how Orange launched a LoRa network on the road to 5G
Introduction to OTFS, and new waveform for 5G
Standards and Release road-map towards 5G
Network Interfaces for 5G networks
Building the road to 5G through contextual connectivity
How mobile security events carriers can’t see are actually causing churn and what can be done
5G: Opportunities for fixed operators
Next generation backhaul and small cells
3GPP RAN Status report
The role of Wi-Fi in 5G
Small cell deployments in a 5G environment
Test & Measurement for 5G networks
Managing Today’s Complex Radio Access Network
Advanced 5G core network architecture
Managing complex network scenarios


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Leveraging  4G infrastructure and expertise to roll-out 5G networks
Delivering the Smart City Vision in Turkey
LTE and 5G networks and the Now Economy
5G: How Techology is going to deliver on various Business demands
PANEL DISCUSSION: Delivering IoT services through 5G
IoT Connect
Spectrum, Security & Roaming
Creating an Open Ecosystem to Develop IoT Services
Trends in the Industrial IoT market, The Russian Perspective
Sharing Experiences: IoT, Mobility & Big Data at Sony
Bentleys Enhanced Customer Experience Enabled by 5G
Delivering Intelligent Transportation Systems
Delivering the smart city through IoT
Modernizing the Mining Industry with the Internet of Things
University Panel- Academics lead the way
Economics of 5G spectrum
Suitability of Potential Candidate Frequency Bands above 6GHz
The future of spectrum for 5G and beyond
Ofcom Case Study, Considerations for 5G
5G Operating System: from the Things to the Clouds
Smart Steps from, empowering better business decisions
Ensuring effective and highly efficient security solutions for LTE networks
Monetizing Digital Services on LTE Networks – GCC Case Study
S6Track 3
Network Optimisation
S7Track 4
Cloud RAN & Virtualisation
OSS/BSS evolution for 5G Networks
A Better way to Secure the Signaling Layer
Data management in 5G networks
OTT partnerships, IoT & Big Data
The benefits of NB-IoT
Benefits and challenges of evolving a network from distributed architecture to centralised architecture
Network Rollout in Asia: Lessons Learned from Sri Lankan Project Management Case Study
The LTE to 5G transition in a rural environment
PANEL: Evolving current RAN architecture to Cloud RAN systems
The role of SDN in 5G networks
Taking Advantage of SDN in Mobile Networks
Taking Advantage of SDN in Mobile Networks
SDN & NFV Networks for LTE Evolution
The now and the future of Network Functions Virtualization
Fronthaul ecosystem and use cases
C-RAN Integration, Challenges & Opportunities
Using Open Source SDN/ NFV in developing 5G
Leveraging the full potential of advanced LTE and 5G through network slicing and NFV


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