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With IoT, everything generates data: Smartphones, network elements, smart-meters, connected vehicles, etc. Webradar is the right company to help you transform data into business advantage.

Webradar´s Analytics solutions combine diverse sources of data to generate new revenue streams, streamline operations and launch new services. • Open SON solutions, enabling you to tune how your HetNet performs. • Benchmark, using smartphone agents. • Enhanced Fleet Management, for Transport Systems. • Intelligent OSS, overcome fragmentation and enable your existing OSS to reach its full potential with NFV, C-RAN and 5G • Integrated suite of Network Analytics, Customer Experience, Performance and Optimization solutions


Customer Analytics

capture and analyse data from unlimited numbers of smartphones and devices to enable innovative business applications. An example solution includes interactive insights into the coverage and quality of all mobile networks, nationwide, 24/7.

Network Analytics

provides intelligent business insights focused on customer experience, correlating diverse data sources to enable rich value added solutions

Connected Vehicle

Solutions to provide visibility and analytics of performance and behaviours of smart transport. Achieve improved fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and optimised resource deployment, while enabling responsive fleet utilisation with IoT tracking of vehicle, driver and payload.

SON (Self-Organising Networks)

Self-Organising Networks provides recommendations for tuning network parameters based on the automatic evaluation, taking into account the configuration, performance and the geolocation of each network element.