Eirteic Consulting Ltd

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Eirteic Consulting Ltd has been helping Service Provider and Enterprise organisations to unify OSS Architectures, simplify TCO and enable faster time to market of new services for over 15 years.

We have a long standing history of advising organisations at a strategic level; as well as the design, build, test, deployment and operation of solutions and best practice processes. Leveraging our best of breed portfolio of solutions to deliver simplified, innovative and enabling technologies that drive successful outcomes for our customers in the real world.

Eirteic works with you as a trusted-advisor to pro-actively realise your objectives and deliver programmes of work that are focussed on the business and not driven by the underlying technology. Work with us, to deliver a solution for your business that gives the flexibility and value that you need.

Eirteic’s offerings cover a variety of things including:

  • Operations Business Process Analysis
  • Unified Service Assurance – Fault, Relationship & Performance Management
  • Unified Infrastructure Management – Network Inventory, Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Unified Orchestration Delivery
  • Design & Implementation
  • Post Deployment Services – Managed Services & Training