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AVSystem is a market leader in advanced device management solutions for Telcos and service providers. The offered products not only improve clients’ quality of experience by delivering in-depth monitoring and diagnostics, but also reduce significantly operating costs by automating processes. AVSystem portfolio includes its flagship product- the Unified Device Management Platform (Highly Scalable ACS Platform), a WiFi Marketing Solution known as Linkyfi and Coiote, a comprehensive IoT/M2M solution.

Unified Device Management Platform
Next-generation ACS for scalable and flexible device provisioning, management and monitoring. Working with ANY kind of devices over ANY kind of protocols. This single solution not only allows company’s dynamic growth and adjustment to constantly changing needs, but also significantly increases its efficiency. With AVSystem’s UMP, you’ll be able to reduce operational costs, improve security & your customers’ experience!

Linkyfi is a cutting-edge solution being both – a WiFi Management and E-Marketing Platform. It is a perfect tool for monetization and introducing Value Added Services into WiFi environments. Thanks to Linkyfi, you can not only gather data about your WiFi’s users, but also create personalised marketing campaigns. And these are only a few of Linkyfi’s amazing capacities!

Coiote IoT/M2M Solution
A state-of-the-art comprehensive IoT/M2M solution for device orchestration and monitoring. Including a wide range of adaptive tools for device management, monitoring, coordination and troubleshooting, Coiote presents a fully comprehensive approach to the issue of any IoT-related services. All of these advanced functions are key to providing services which can be immediately delivered and easily maintained.