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Altiostar is the mobile broadband industry’s first provider of Virtual RAN (vRAN), using Ethernet as a fronthaul. Our unique solution is a foundation of 5G, improves quality of experience, enhances spectral efficiency and also significantly reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Altiostar has developed a wide portfolio of LTE eNodeB solutions for all cellular deployment scenarios and major LTE bands. Our solution provides:

  • Elastic Scalability
  • LTE-A Advanced Features 
  • NFV Enabled Platform on COTS Hardware
  • Low Data Rate Ethernet Fronthaul with a High Latency Tolerance
  • Software Intelligence at the Edge (MEC)

Our objective is to provide mobile network operators with the equipment to deploy and expand their LTE networks quickly and efficiently. We have a team of passionate, experienced professionals who understand the mobile network operators’ requirements and vision. To learn more about Altiostar, please visit or follow us on Twitter @altiostar.